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Restaurant / Bar Seating Package - Super sturdy, all wood construction includes; 5 sets of 60'' booths, 18 tables, 35 oak chairs & double oak trash cabinet! Very well made & suitable for high traffic restaurant, deli, pizzeria or busy bar. 

See 'Bank Appraisal' picture for details. We are offering a great discount if you buy the whole lot ! 
Package Price Includes; 
  • 5 Sets of Booths - 33' long x 60" wide. Dark mahogany wood stain, padded seat & backrest. (over-sized  5' booths & 5' x 36" tables) 
  • 18 Tables - premium laminate tables in neutral brown earth tones on heavy duty x-bases. They are both round & rectangle and in different sizes.  See 'Bank Appraisal' document for details. 
  • 35 Oak Chairs - a combination of light oak stain & dark mahogany stain (that matches booths) 
  • Heavy Duty Double Oak Trash Cabinet/Receptacle - double with 2 insert trash cans in a light oak stain color.
BOOTH DETAILS: This is an extra large set with 60" wide booths and 60" x 36" wide tables = Together the booth runs 33' long x 5' wide . Includes 4 double sided & 2 single side booths (end caps). All wood construction. 
CONDITION: This is a premium grade seating package from a university in good used condition with normal wear & tear and signs of prior use. Don't compare this to restaurant seating you buy online, it is much better quality!! It is very sturdy, suitable for HIGH TRAFFIC dining, pizzeria /deli or crazy bar.  
  • Wood chairs need joint glue and scratch cover. 
  • Tables and bases are in very good condition. 
  • The booths overall are in good condition. Cosmetically; the padded backrest & seats have some tears. The padded seats and backs are easy to remove & recover with your own custom look. The booth frames were changed/raised in height (not sure) They have a support wood added to the base of the frame that are not stained to matched.
  • Condition: Used

Seating Package

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